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dommi-fresh's News

Posted by dommi-fresh - January 22nd, 2010

how do ng gang i got some news for you all!
first of all sorry its been a while i have been learning the basics of MAYA a 3d program so far this is all i have done...

/* */
secondly, the wacom arrived so i would like to thanks Tom Fulp and bizzarojoe especially for that!
but thanks to all my other followers as well!

i am just about to upload some new art including a desktop image style thing for ng!
as well as a fantasy sniper and some other stuff!

ALSO i am working on an animation that will hopefully be voiced by the legendary Josh Tomar (TOMAMOTO)
its called sheep and horse and it will be in the works as soon as i get the voice recordings!

AND FINALLY i am now on twitter!
I never had anything against it before so i don't consider this to be a step down or me degrading myself like alot of other people do when they join twatter for some reason but still!

so yea if your a fan of my art and shit follow me on twitter by clicking the word: happynow?

no diggitey!

Posted by dommi-fresh - January 9th, 2010

WOW it is a really good movie!
it seriously is! i mean it was beyond better than i thought it would be! wish i saw it in 3d though damn!
anyway tell what you guys thought of it too!

As for the WINTER WACOM... because i live in the land of the bleak (ENGLAND) it took a long ass time for it to get delivered! it is arriving on tuesday and i can't wait to get working on some animation!!

as for art projects i am kinda out of inspiration at the moment... Its probably because i am bummed out. i have a really crappy college project i have to work on using the 3d program MAYA (basically its the most complicated bloody program i have ever seen and I HATE IT)

so no art at the mo but don't worry i will do something about this lack of inspiration and get back on track.


and also don't forget to get your friends to check out the same video

if you haven't guessed i need alot of views for this video!

seriously i need alot

more than the average bear!


wicked cool thanks guys keep in touch!! don't be a stranger .... or a rapist!
ALSO if i have forgotten any requests please message me to remind me!
may your chestnuts be with you and go in peace!

(/\ /\ /\ ridiculous sign off /\ /\ /\ )

JUST SEEN AVATAR! wacom is arriving soon too!!

Posted by dommi-fresh - December 16th, 2009

i got a wacom from the mighty Tom Fulp.
coincidentally on the same day i got flash on my MAC!
so i can't wait to get animating!! i can assure you it will be better than the shit i did as a kid.

then again anything is better than my first monstrosity

unfortunately for those of you with requests i am gunna have to put you on hold i am taking a bit of a chrimbo break but fear not i have not forgotten about you!

anyway i am so so so grateful for the wacom! thanks for everyones support and helpful critics...
i will be around but i am going to be busy with christmas shit.

also i have fnished my final piece on after effects it was my first time using it but here it is:

/* */
also a great big thanks to bizarrojoe for helping me get the wacom check out his art as well his style is off the hook.

anyway happy holidays my dears.
p.s i forgot to mention the music in my aftereffects project is by acid-paradox and the track is B.B.B.

WACOM woot

Posted by dommi-fresh - December 4th, 2009

things are looking up.

i got a new comic as a tribute to left 4 dead and in celebration on the release of the sequel.
i also would like to mention that i got some inspiration from sabtastic she's an awesome artist and does alot of left for dead and amazing art.
she's got some major talent so check it out.

i also got front paged again! for my self loathing self portrait!

i also posted a album cover and a character sheet thing for an animation.

any way more to come including a youtube video called dommi's doodle corner a video drawing tutorial requested by alot of people... hopefully you will like filming for it starts on tuesday.

anyway i am now obsessed with chris chan now cause of happy harry and suchos tribute.

so yea i should wrap up... thanks for all the support more to come ASAP

new comic and shit

Posted by dommi-fresh - November 23rd, 2009

me and therealshadman have done it again.

go check out his version of my kitty war pic.

or have a gander at my version of his sexy robo secretary

hope you like and i would be suprised if you don't like his because they are amazing

sorry to anyone with requests but i cannot do anymore at the mo.
i am out of money and i need more memory for my laptop. plus i have lots of other requests in progress and other works of art on the way including a jedi for jacob a cool little dude i met the other day in my town!

also i recently recieved a little colour in job by the user nightshaw. he did an amazing job colouring in this drawing go and have a look on his page in detail

new sketch trade with therealshadman

Posted by dommi-fresh - November 19th, 2009

plus front page on the nazi slayer drawing i did for my cousin! woooo!!

anyway swiftly moving on.
still trying to get flash for my laptop
also working on another request and thinking about doing an album cover for a band.
matthew parker (extreme hunters club co creator) is working on the ehc blog a bit more.
plus i am thinking about doing a zelda fan art piece

oh and i am working on my parody art tutorial video 'dommis doodle corner!'

so set sail for fun chum(s)!

nearly completed my 5th page of art!

Posted by dommi-fresh - November 10th, 2009

how do?
just a lil reminder of whats in the works for the old art portal...

a follow up cartoon on the 'tom fulp hostage' drawing.

a drawing requested by my cousin (4thchandler)he wants me to do some ting of a russian soldier shooting a german soldier.

another request from 8bitarcade to do one of his characters.

some drawing of like a weird creature/monster inspired by smokerydots work.

and some other stuff as well...

also i wanna thank some people...
theafro for doing a cool 3d version of my sword from this drawing
also i would like to thank these guys for their support and reviews.
j-scene (rottingdead.)
also i wanna thank therealshadman for putting my drawing on his awesome site

see ya soon my dears!
in the mean-time here is photo of me drunk... what an ugly bastard i am.

i am jack's wasted life

Posted by dommi-fresh - November 5th, 2009

my bloody xbox is not playing the disc!
i tried a simple disc cleaner that didn't work.
i opened the fucker up and cleaned all around it and that didn't work.
i can't send it back cause i didn't have a warranty to start with and i also took of the logo seals to open it!!
i even tried the classic blow in it ... and that didn't fucking work!
fucking microsoft bastards! aaaaaargh.
i am so pissed off about it!
anyway if any one can help me out that would be great.
basically when i put the disc in it trys to read it for a couple of secs and then gives the open tray sign!

p.s sorry about the people who requested art its taking ages i know but i have a lot of shit going on at home and college such as re decorating and sorting out my bloody xbox!
i promise it is on the way just please be patient.
also i am working on getting flash so hopefully i will animating some time in the near future too.

fucking xbox 360!!!

Posted by dommi-fresh - October 24th, 2009

hey guys!
just some updates..... AGAIN!
i have recieved some more requests from the following newgrounders:

-FreekkXShow wants a picture of an evil owl.

-GenArmegeddon wants me to draw a character named cadoc that he created.

-triumph243 wants me to do a dark style spiderman (not black suit spidey)

also Gazkull thought of making an EHC forum thread with THE dangerous jim and stuff so i might work on that too!

I am also working on:
a few alice in wonderland drawings.
a video ART tutorial parody.
a follow up drawing of the illustrated Tom Fulp spoof i did.

so until then happy hunting!

new stuff on the way!

Posted by dommi-fresh - October 20th, 2009

finally after the poor bugger (shadman) had wait for my slow arse to catch up, we finally posted the sketch trade.
unfortunatley cause of college work i was way behind but still i saw what he came up with and i was really impressed its great. he definatley is a fan of ivan thats fo sho.

anyway i also posted a joke drawing of Tom Fulp so thats sommin to check out.... its kinda a lil joke cause i noticed the other day i only got one drawing to the frontpage out of 4 pages worth of art... as of yet... so i decided to 'advertise my work' sort of in this weird and slightly aggressive way.
lucky its going down well.

anyway please check out my stuff and leave a review! i still check even the very first picture so i will write a comment back to you.
and spread the word for because i am to paranoid or lazy to do it myself.

just a reminder that the therealshadman is a beauty.
and i have a lot more stuff up and coming.

so more stuff to come lads and lasses

SKETCH TRADE with therealshadman