long time no see.... again.

2013-09-23 09:06:13 by dommi-fresh

to all my fans who have contacted me in the past wondering where the hell i am these days:
i apologise for my absence. a lotta stuff has been going on in my life recently.
i have no job and desperately want to work as an artist. alas it has come to my attention recently that my dream will have to wait ... possibly for a long time. its hard to admit but a career in art is just hard to come by.
me and my girlfriend are making do with what we've got and have both hit on some hard times. we recently got a kitten named dexter. but he passed away as he was anaemic, so we both needed some time to our selves.
its been a long hiatus but hopefully when i get a job in god knows what i will draw more and more in my spare time.
i miss newgrounds and drawing for you guys!
but not everything is bad news i have recently started a comic for a friend... more on that some other time, and i also have started drawing alot more again.
hopefully more uploads on the way

later y'all


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2013-09-23 11:34:11

Good going with the comic, gotta focus on the positive details! Good luck with life.

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks dude. things are starting to look up already


2013-09-23 13:24:48

Man dying cats are the worst and dying kittens... That's even worser.

Hope this coming year brings you some better opportunities!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks tom


2013-09-24 03:13:45

Things suck, but you're not alone. Thanks for all you've given us, it's been great so far!
I lost a kitten too this year, but it was worse (how he went) :| Someone's always got it worse...

dommi-fresh responds:

it sucks dude but you gotta get through the hard times.
thanks for the post more art is coming!