Entry #50

animations? maybe?!

2015-02-04 22:25:40 by dommi-fresh


hey y'all. dommi-fresh here again.

i know my last blog entry was a bit of a downer... and thanks to all those people who made sure i was doing ok.

you'll be happy to hear i am doing alot better. me and kate (my girf) got a rescue cat after dexter our kitten died. we now have a big ol lump of grump named barney ... we will never forget dexter and even though we only had him for a few days before he died we loved him dearly, barney is very healthy and happy (except for his diet hes on at the mo. hes not too happy about that) and has been with us for over a year now. hes lost a good amount of weight despite getting into his treats. 

anyways... things are looking up for me and i have three big projects one the go; a sci fi comic, a personal project that i cannot talk too much about at the mo, and an animation with voice work provided by a friend called mikee reds. i am working hard. but animation takes time hope you guys can be patient with me i know i am pretty terrible with the updates and what not but i hope the waiting will be worth it. in the mean time you can check out my brand new site all the links are below.

also i now have an online store where you can buy yourself some prints, t-shirts, mugs and more







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2015-02-04 23:21:18

That's too much gore for Newgrounds.

dommi-fresh responds:

you sure about that?


2015-02-05 00:39:53

Best of luck on your projects! The stuff for sale is okay, could use a few more choices... Just went over your most highly rated pictures here, kinda stumped on what which pieces I would suggest..

dommi-fresh responds:

I am working on brand new art for the store now... had a few sales already which is great!


2015-03-12 17:03:07

I love the animated gif of that tomato and banana.

It looks cool.

dommi-fresh responds:

working on a proper animation but its taking me a while.


2015-04-19 21:51:15

My best advice to you.

Only work on your flash movies when you feel passionate about your craft.

Take frequent breaks and return whenever the mood strikes you.

I personally been working on one project for a surprising length of time.

Don't worry about time on your projects.

Your audience should be grateful for the time spent on entertaining them.

I would personally consider bad movies to be serious projects too.

Everything you make is a stepping stone.

I'll check out your new movie upon release.

I look forward to it.

dommi-fresh responds:

good advice thanks


2017-06-08 08:35:30

Yeah we miss you here, thanks for at least uploading the hugz 4 lyfe pic, I like Ed Roth's stuff too.


2017-06-08 08:39:03

Hey you can upload those tat pics here, also sculptures and some other stuff, don't be a stranger, eh?
Also, might wanna nix the link to your personal website, since it seems to no longer be in operation.