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dommi-fresh's News

Posted by dommi-fresh - February 4th, 2015


hey y'all. dommi-fresh here again.

i know my last blog entry was a bit of a downer... and thanks to all those people who made sure i was doing ok.

you'll be happy to hear i am doing alot better. me and kate (my girf) got a rescue cat after dexter our kitten died. we now have a big ol lump of grump named barney ... we will never forget dexter and even though we only had him for a few days before he died we loved him dearly, barney is very healthy and happy (except for his diet hes on at the mo. hes not too happy about that) and has been with us for over a year now. hes lost a good amount of weight despite getting into his treats. 

anyways... things are looking up for me and i have three big projects one the go; a sci fi comic, a personal project that i cannot talk too much about at the mo, and an animation with voice work provided by a friend called mikee reds. i am working hard. but animation takes time hope you guys can be patient with me i know i am pretty terrible with the updates and what not but i hope the waiting will be worth it. in the mean time you can check out my brand new site all the links are below.

also i now have an online store where you can buy yourself some prints, t-shirts, mugs and more






Posted by dommi-fresh - September 23rd, 2013

to all my fans who have contacted me in the past wondering where the hell i am these days:
i apologise for my absence. a lotta stuff has been going on in my life recently.
i have no job and desperately want to work as an artist. alas it has come to my attention recently that my dream will have to wait ... possibly for a long time. its hard to admit but a career in art is just hard to come by.
me and my girlfriend are making do with what we've got and have both hit on some hard times. we recently got a kitten named dexter. but he passed away as he was anaemic, so we both needed some time to our selves.
its been a long hiatus but hopefully when i get a job in god knows what i will draw more and more in my spare time.
i miss newgrounds and drawing for you guys!
but not everything is bad news i have recently started a comic for a friend... more on that some other time, and i also have started drawing alot more again.
hopefully more uploads on the way

later y'all

Posted by dommi-fresh - August 19th, 2012

hey hey sorry for the lack of uploads recently ... again! just moved house so i haven't had internet for a while you know the story.
anyway i am back with more arty farty business as i am sure you know!

p.s if you are ever in need of more dommifresh check out my tumblr.

no internets make dommi a dull boy

Posted by dommi-fresh - June 28th, 2012


long time no post.

sorry about that.
however, uni is FINISHED and i am free to post bull shit on the internet all day long.

so look forward to reading some more bollocks from your loving friend
dommi fresh.


i'm back.... again .... for good.... i promise

Posted by dommi-fresh - January 9th, 2012

hey ng its been a while.

sorry about that.
i've been kinda distracted recently what with uni, work, christmas, new year, girlfriend visiting the works

but enough of the excuses time to update you on the up and coming

first of all i got a new pic freshly uploaded-
zombie samus aran

as for whats in store later:
- the final installment to my reimagined castle crashers (orange knight)
you can see the others here: blue knight green knight red knight

- dragon drawing... i wonder what game might have inspired that

- more batman art

- probably lots of sexy girl pics as usual

- maybe some art to do with this story i am writing including the map (SEE BELOW)

and many more bizarre illustrations to come.

also at some point i will be releasing a series of movie screen shot pics like my pulp fiction pic and i will challenge you to guess the movie.

don't forget i am on FACEBOOK...... SO LIKE MY PAGE
And i do have a blog although it is undergoing a revamp at the mo
Right i think that pretty much covers it! stick around

I'M back again or something

Posted by dommi-fresh - September 15th, 2011

hey ng its been a while.

haven't been around for ages due to my laptop getting a tune up.
but i have returned and i have already uploaded 2 brand spanking new pics for ya ;D

many more to come as always. not to mention a nifty website in the works!
more on that shit later! for now keep watching the skies and you computer screens for my art.

don't forget i am also on that site you of heard of ..... wats it called? oh yea bookface

k i'm done now.... lots a love - dom xxx

WHOA NEWGROUNDS! long time no see

Posted by dommi-fresh - June 14th, 2011

hey gang just letting you in on some super updates.
uni has finished for the summer so i got plenty of time to do more art for all you lovely people.
also i noticed my zombie link pic is getting more and more popular each day. a friend even spotted it on dorkly.com

at the moment i am just getting into the AVAT tournament
here is my first entry below

you ain't seen nobody with as much skills as me.

Posted by dommi-fresh - May 1st, 2011

hello every one!
as some of you no i took a break from animating to make a pico day animation. using a rotoscope technique.
the animation started off great. time consuming, but great.
then all sorts of problems came up.
first my wacom stopped working after a update on my laptop.
then i had sound troubles.
then after spilling lemsip on it, my laptop had to be plugged in at all times other wise it would turn off. which not only meant i had to rearrange my working area, but i also accidently unplugged it thus losing a good half of the actual animation.
none the less i made the best of what i had. so i have uploaded half a animation. i will the other half when it is re done.

thought you might like some behind the scenes stuff to look at as well so
here are some amusing videos and storyboards for you to look at!

more will be on my blog

pico day animation AKA living hell.

Posted by dommi-fresh - March 25th, 2011

ello there dommi-fresh here long time no see.
just thought i would let you in on a few new updates.
first off my animation is taking up a huge amount of time aswell as my uni work.
unfortunately this means i am not taking any art requests at the mo.
sorry about that. but there is a gallery of like 200 + pics you can gander through.... i bet you haven't seen them all yet.
aside from that uploaded a quick lil sketch for you as well just incase you all started to think i was dead again.
cheers dom xxxx


new art for ya

Posted by dommi-fresh - March 7th, 2011


it's my ruddy birthday!