no internets make dommi a dull boy

2012-08-19 15:07:55 by dommi-fresh

hey hey sorry for the lack of uploads recently ... again! just moved house so i haven't had internet for a while you know the story.
anyway i am back with more arty farty business as i am sure you know!

p.s if you are ever in need of more dommifresh check out my tumblr.

no internets make dommi a dull boy


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2012-08-19 16:18:20

No worries, mate! Till now, I thought you only did still artwork (and quite well at that) - now I got some moving pictures to enjoy :3 Been a fan from the beginning, so, what wrong could you do?
I've seen that photo somewhere in my aged life.... If it's from an album cover, please tell! Or is it 'Tom Thumb', from the Guinness book of world records?

dommi-fresh responds:

i have no idea mate.... i just got sent the picture by a friend