I'M back again or something

2012-01-09 19:21:09 by dommi-fresh

hey ng its been a while.

sorry about that.
i've been kinda distracted recently what with uni, work, christmas, new year, girlfriend visiting the works

but enough of the excuses time to update you on the up and coming

first of all i got a new pic freshly uploaded-
zombie samus aran

as for whats in store later:
- the final installment to my reimagined castle crashers (orange knight)
you can see the others here: blue knight green knight red knight

- dragon drawing... i wonder what game might have inspired that

- more batman art

- probably lots of sexy girl pics as usual

- maybe some art to do with this story i am writing including the map (SEE BELOW)

and many more bizarre illustrations to come.

also at some point i will be releasing a series of movie screen shot pics like my pulp fiction pic and i will challenge you to guess the movie.

don't forget i am on FACEBOOK...... SO LIKE MY PAGE
And i do have a blog although it is undergoing a revamp at the mo
Right i think that pretty much covers it! stick around

I'M back again or something


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2012-01-10 18:08:13


Finally updated, I see. haha
I was in the same boat last year, too. Got totally blindsided by school and all that stuff, that I pretty much disappeared from NG. Guess I'm no the only one that Uni does that to. XD

Lovin' the look of the green and blue knight btw! Orange is gonna look pretty sweet too, I imagine.

Keep up the awesome work! Always nice to see new art from you!

dommi-fresh responds:

cheers sab nice to hear from you again. and yea your not the only one uni is a bitch